The Bull’s

About us

           Long Time Passion 
     & A Life Time Partnership

          Our passion for the nature started many years back while still living in Brazil. Growing up in a small town was the biggest factor that contributed for the passion, mostly because of a daily interaction with nature. 

          With a Forest Engineering background i always felt the urge in my heart that some how i would have to find a way to survive in this beautiful planet without damaging it and at the same time find a away to give back to Mother Nature as a Thank You,  for all the beautiful things she has created for us and for free. 

           We are very proud to say that we don't cut down any trees that are in their natural space or forests, the only trees that we use are trees in risk of falling over houses or trees that has fallen because of natural disasters.

            For every tree that we use to create our beautiful cutting boards, we are planting 3 more trees of the same kind. That is our way of giving back to Mother Nature for all the art work she has giving us.

            Native trees are beautiful and some of them can take up to 100 years to reach its peak of maturity. 

            We use trees mainly from the Americas and we are located in Port Saint Lucie - Florida. 

Will Bernardi Bruno Buarque