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BBQ Set - Corona - Glow in the dark

BBQ Set - Corona - Glow in the dark

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White residue on handle glows in the dark - after charged in the sun or strong light. 

Picanheira 10” Inches Blade / Honing Steel / Carving Bull Fork

420 Stainless Steel. 
The corona Knife and Honing Stell has a Handcrafted handle and it comes with a Full Grain Leather Sheath. 

420 Steel Blade 

Made of a corrosion resistant steel, this knife will remain sharp and keep the new shiny look for years to come. 


Each Handle is individually Handcrafted  made out top quality epoxy resin or  Exotic Brazilian Wood. 

Carving Fork

The Bull carving fork is all aluminum 5.5” Tall x 4.5” wide.

Care Instructions 

Wash with warm soapy water and dry after every use.